AudioBeer is part of Tongval and combines two great joys in life; special beers & sweet music. Being the owner of musiclabel VOLKOREN, Minco Eggersman has experienced the magic of releasing albums in various limited editions. Many people still love owning a record or getting the music in another form (made by the artist himself) when buying music. Of course, the digital world is a blessing too, as music is now available anywhere at anytime.

Therefore we thought of this unique combination that perfectly adds to the experience of listening and enjoying music these days. Every year we will select an artist and create a special handcrafted beer, fully inspired by the music. As the artist brings their music to the table, we pour the beer, as simple as that. This unique combination will be released in a limited run of 75 cl bottles only and will be sold through our website and at shows of the artists. Moreover, one can buy 33 cl bottles (incl. one free track!) at and a few other selected places. AudioBeer will also be available on tap at Artcafe Dwaze Zaken (Foolish Things). The music will be available in WAV as we believe in quality of audio as well as the quality of our beers. Remember, these AudioBeers will not be made again and that’s a promise!

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